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:star::star::star::star: Commissions :star::star::star::star:

:bulletred:Chibi / headshots : 50 points:bulletred: 

chibi couple by kiba-chan27planting flowers by kiba-chan27For Claxy by kiba-chan27 Linus by kiba-chan27

:bulletorange:background + 10 points :bulletorange:

Happy birthday ~ by kiba-chan27

:bulletred:half-body : 75 points (+ 10 points per additional character. So 85 for a couple):bulletred:

Cute proposal by kiba-chan27keeping warm by kiba-chan27Chihiro and Kazuhiro by kiba-chan27

:bulletorange:background: + 10 points:bulletorange:

:bulletred:Full body: 100 points (+20 points per additional character. So 120 for a couple):bulletred:

A walk in the snow by kiba-chan27Chat Noir by kiba-chan27William and the triplets on a blanket by kiba-chan27

:bulletorange:simple background: + 10 points:bulletorange:

Mature Content

The attack on the base by kiba-chan27

:bulletorange:complex background : +20points :bulletorange:

Picking mushrooms by kiba-chan27

:bulletred:What I can do : OCs, kemonomimis, yaoi/boy's love
:bulletred:What I can't do :yuri, hentai, furries

:star::star:Slots :star::star:

1. :iconbousisummer: - chibi with background
2. :iconbousisummer: - 2 half bodies with background
3. :iconriptubethebard: - 1 half body + a couple half body 


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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hard-rock, metal, instrumental
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga
Favourite cartoon character: Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Kaitou kid, Roxas ,Vincent valentine, Kenshin ,


Eterna academia: Azariah by kiba-chan27
Eterna academia: Azariah

Star!Written Application:Star!

Star![ Basic Information ]Star!

Name: Azariah Laroche

Nickname: Aza

Date of Birth: 1st November

Age: 19

Gender:  male

Height: 175 cm / 5'7

Weight: 63 kg / 140lbs

Star! [ Magical Information ] Star!

Status: Warlock

Occupation: Student 

Dorm: B8

Rank: 1

Magical Ability: Paint manipulation. He is able to control paint and animate paintings 

- can only animate painted pictures/canvas. Drawings made of ink, coal, pencils, etc. can't be animated
- can only animate a maximum of three paintings at a time
- has no control over his powers when unconscious/sleeping 

Magical Aid: Saphir - a Blue jay. She usually sits on Azariah's shoulder and is sometimes playful or naughty

Star![ Personal Information ]Star!


+ creative, sensitive, caring, hard-working, romantic, can be affectionate, protective
- impatient, impulsive, gullible, forgetful, messy,  can be quite pessimistic, quiet


Kindness: he'll be nice towards most people
Imagination: he is able to paint something no matter what the circumstances
Does his best in everything he does, even if he doesn't succeed
Is good at observing people 


He is an airhead and forgets stuff easily 
It's easy to make him sad or upset
Has low self-esteem 
Crowds and his phobia of them |'D


- paintings and art in genereal
- cakes and bread 
- observing people 
- being with friends
- nature


- crowds ( he has ochlophobia, the fear of crowds )
- combing his own hair, it's a battle to tame it everyday 
- dark rooms 
- Chicken nuggets 


Azariah grew up with his mother , brother and grandparents. He never knew his father, since that person divorced and left his mother when Azariah was still a baby. 

But Azariah didn't feel the need of having a dad, he felt quite happy with his current family. His mother was a dancer and really enjoyed doing art in her free time. She would teach Azariah how to draw and paint, and Azariah really enjoyed it too. He would paint and draw everyday. His brother, although liking art too, was more interested in acting. 
Azariah was 5 years old when he lost his mother. She had been at the wrong place, at the wrong time, when a shop was being robbed with armed robbers. At that time he was still too young to understand why 'mommy wouldn't come home'. Soon after his grandpa died from the grief of losing his daughter. Azariah was left with his grandmother and brother.

It was a year later that Azariah discovered he had powers. He would find this amusing and play with it, but other kids and even his own brother would be freaked out by it. Only his grandmother thought this was a gift. His brother started to change because of that. On some days he'd be happy and talk to Azariah, on other days he'd be completely freaked out and ignore him or get mad at him. Azariah then began to understand he shouldn't use those powers when people are around. So when he changed schools, he made sure no kids would see them.

But all that changed again when he was 12. One day he'd be so exhausted from studying a lot for a test that he'd fall asleep during classes. And not being able to control his powers, things he painted and that were in his bags came to life and freaked out other students. Starting from then , they would avoid him, ignore him, or bully him. After an 'incident', Azariah dropped out of school and started to learn home instead. That also gave him more time to spend with his grandmother and his brother whenever this one was home or decided not to ignore him. Despite all that happened , Azariah still loved to paint and painted canvases on a regular basis. 

It was only recently that he got an invitation for Eterna Academia. Though he hesitated at first, he wanted to go but didn't want to leave his grandma. But she encouraged him and a few days later, Azariah was packing his stuff and left for the academy, hoping this time all would go well. 

Star![ Relationship Information ] (Completely Optional)Star!

Orientation: homosexual

Status: single forever ;u;

Significant Other: none

Current Attraction[s]: none :'D

Interests: people that are nice to animals, cute and polite people, people that won't laugh at him no matter what

- Rémy Laroche : older brother (26 years old)
- Fleur Laroche: grandmother 
- Clémentine Laroche: deceased mother
- Marc Chevalier : father


Shizuya Fukumu / male /" One of my first friends, he's a really nice guy "
Artaxerxes Leon Grant / male/ "Also one of my first friends, quite a nice guy too"
Christopher Montague / male / "I don't know him very well , but he looks like a nice guy ^^"
Kilian Flinn /male / "he's...a very cute kitty ^^ I don't know him well though..."

Star![ Additional Information ]Star!

- has ochlophobia , the fear of crowds
- he would often bake cakes, pastries and bread with his grandma for tea time 
- has a few scars on his chest and belly 

RP Style: Skype,docs and notes , prefers script but can do lit too

Soulmatch: William by kiba-chan27
Soulmatch: William

☆ No.0073

☆ Name: William 
☆ Rank: 03
☆ Type: Resistor : own world: ability to form a barrier as big as ten own heights in radius and completely control the environment inside by rejecting all unwanted things from it, even gravity or air. Can create up to two barriers at a time - one is usually made smaller and envelops the user.

☆ Age: 12
☆ Gender: male
☆ Height: 155 cm (5' 0'')

☆ Root: maned wolf
☆ Side: Black
☆ Winter uniform: Default winter uniform with a black scarf

☆ Background:

William's birth was an accident. When his parents, the bride being a human and the husband being a cumimi , were just married, they didn't plan on having kids yet. And having sex when they were drunk they forgot to take some precautions. That's how William and his twin brother Leo were 'created'. Their parents had no money to either abort or put them in an adoption center. They were too poor for that and they barely had enough money to pay for their house and food . So they had to keep William and Leo until they were old enough. But things didn't go as planned. When William was 5, his parents always argued and divorced. Neither wanted to keep the 'damn kids' and so they decided to drive far away and abandon the twins on a road.

That's when a trader found them and sold them to a rich man and his wife. At first they were treated correctly, the masters paid them no real attention and they were used as housemaids. Clean and cook and do other chores and they would get food. But things changed when their master's wife died a sudden death. The master started to drown his sorrow with alcohol and thus became alcoholic and moody. before the tragedy, whenever they made a mistake it was overlooked. But now they were punished severely by the drunk master. They would often be yelled at or be beaten for silly things such as accidentally breaking something. Because of that the twins became extremely anxious around the master. They would try to comfort each other at night though, and cheer themselves up.

One night, William and Leo were cleaning up the dining room and taking the dirty plates away after diner, when Leo tripped on the carpet and accidentally spilled left-over food on the master. the master having drunk almost 3 bottles during diner got into a rage. A violent one. He would start beating poor Leo and break plates and glass on him. William tried to help him but got hit too. And then the master took a broken plate shard and started stabbing Leo. All that under William's eyes, as he looked terrifed and couldn't move. And his brother died. Then the master turned his attention to William, and still really angry he started beating him badly too. But William managed to grab a chair, hit the master on the head with it, then ran away. As far as possible. And so he ran, until he got lost.

There he was now, in a town he didn't know. He was really scared but now he had to live on his own. And so he wandered the streets , sometimes begged for money or food , sometimes he stole. But that went on for a few weeks until a stranger cumimi found him in a poor shape. The stranger offered to come with him to a place where he would get shelter and food and some love. And although he was a bit sceptic about that, he decided to follow him. That place couldn't be worse than where he had lived anyways.

Time spent in the house


When Will first came to the house, he was really anxious and scared and easily got lost (he still does get lost though). It's when he was looking for the kitchen and got lost that he met his two first friend, Iriney and Lucas. Though Lucas tried to kill him with a cookie, they soon got friends. At least Will thinks he is. When getting lost a second time, he met Silvanus in the study room. Silvanu made him visit the house a bit before going outside to have fun on the swings. And he later met Skye after waking up from a nap.

Not long after he arrived, he experienced his first gray storm. Just before it , he talked to Neo and Bruce. During it he teamed up with Lulu and Shion and they went to attack and kill some humans. Honestly killing humans didn't bothe him much. However the next event , the explosion at the house and the dead cumimis traumatized him. The following night he couldn't sleep at all and he decided to bake a cake with Iriney. It's then that Shion arrived, scared Iriney away, and after scolding Shion, the two of them bonded more.

Later William joined the secret conference, where he met Mion, Miow and Mior. Together they fought four monsters (Ava, Wendy, Dion and Ophelia) and gained each a weapon once the 'game' was cleared. He also met Kiri and Merindah.
:new: It was soon after that William cleared his first gray on a soulmatch with Iriney .This helped him gain experience about how to clear grays that way.

Thrn onr night, he went on a mission with Lulu, Iriney and Linus, and somehow forgot to take his new weapon with him. They had to go to an abandoned theater , that would burst into flames each night. Once inside , the gray storm made them fall into a pit full off dead people. This traumatized Will deeply , as each time he saw dead people, he would be reminded of how his own brother died in front of him. But they had no choice but to stay in the pit , until morning came. The pit then disappeared, and thry had to wait for the night to fall again. When night came , they were once more pulled into the gray storm, where they had to watch a play before they decided to go find whoever started the fire in the theater. That night was the first time William cleared two grays in a row by dying their soul black. And it left him really tired. But he couldn't rest for long. While Linus was carrying him home , they got attacked. Lulu was hit, and despite putting up a barrier, he couldn't stop  anti-cumimi bullets, and so Iriney and himself got shot too. Fortunately Linus was able to save them withhis new ability. And since the human group split off they decided to splitt off too. William and Iriney decided to take care of one group, and unknowingly killed two humans before joining Lulu and Linus . But the other human group had already been stopped by 'animals' and soon after Kaye and Lin appeared to take care of the humans while Lulu, Linus , Iriney and William went homr...With holes in their body where they got shot.

☆ Personality:

+ friendly with cumimis
+ affectionate
+ patient
+ organized
+ likes to help when he can

- shy
- quiet
- often anxious
- can be stubborn
- vulnerable

☆ Trivia:
- used to have a twin cumimi brother called Leo
- Has nyctophobia and claustrophobia: the fear of the dark and fear of closed/small spaces or rooms
- is also developping a monophobia (fear of being alone) since his brother was killed
- has a rather large scar on his back
- He was never taught how to read or write though he likes drawing
- :new: his weapon is a voulge that glows in the dark. It transforms into a ring.

other outfits


My app for :iconsoulmatch: 

I'll protect you by kiba-chan27
I'll protect you
exp to no.0073

A glimpse in William's past. His twin brother Leo accidentally broke tea cups , and Will tried to comfort him and protect him from the master.
If you zoom in you can see the masters silhouette being reflected in their eyes ;u; poor scared children.

Also what are broken tea cups orz 

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